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iPhone Apps: SoundHound and Ambiance

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

SoundHound: When thinking of music identifying apps for the iPhone, most people only know about Shazam. But IMO, SoundHound is superior to Shazam in the following ways: faster identifying, humming/whistling support, better user interface, “what’s hot” section, and iPod music playback. With, that last feature, SoundHound has the ability to replace the iPod app on your phone.
($4.99, free version limited to 5 tags, iTunes Link)

Ambiance: Out of all the white noise apps out there, this one’s my favorite. There’s a huge selection of free downloadable sounds that are constantly being updated. From white noise to burning sounds, and urban noises to womb sounds, there’s a sound for everyone. With the newly updated multitasking support, this app is even more useful! It’s especially helpful when trying to fall asleep, studying in a loud area, etc.
($2.99, iTunes Link)