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iMoshi iGlaze 3G Review

I just got a new case for my 3GS! I got it on eBay for around $6 shipped.

Protection: Not much protection here as this case is super thin and almost as no shock protection. The cut outs for the buttons are a little too big, the top and bottom are left uncovered, and the iPhone’s chrome bezel is left exposed. Overall, protection is poor, but this case is more about design and style anyways. =)

Quality: The material they used for this case feels really good. It’s a hard case, but it’s not too slippery like those plastic ones. I’d say it has a similar feel to that of the Incase Slider. The only thing that I can complain about is that the cutout for the headphones is a little off.

Value: The case comes with a full screen protector for the front of the iPhone and a small circle protector to protect the exposed apple logo in the back. IMO, it’s  a pretty good deal! They’re official website sells these for $23,but as I said earlier, you can find these on eBay for a lot cheaper.

Overall, I like this case. It’s designed to be thin and sleek so it’s not going to protect your phone as well as others, but it really shows of the beauty of the iPhone.

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