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How to Make Free iPhone Ringtones Using iTunes

Did you know you can STILL make your own free ringtones for your iPhone using JUST iTunes? This tip works with all unprotected mp3 songs, and works on both Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Open up iTunes, and in the settings, click on the general tab, and then click on the “Import Settings…” button.

Step 2: Make sure “AAC Encoder” is selected under the “Import Using” dropdown menu. Hit “OK” and go back to your iTunes Library.

Step 3:
Right-click the song you want to make into a ringtone and select “Get Info”.

Step 4: Go to the “Options” tab. Here, we’ll have to clip the part of song we want to be a ringtone using the “Start Time” and “Stop Time” options. (The selection should be 30 seconds or less. I’ve been able to make longer ones but they don’t always work for me). For this example, I’ll be using the chorus of “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. You may want to play it a couple times to make sure you get the selection you want. Hit “OK” when you’re done.

Step 5:
Go back to your iTunes Library, right-click the song you just edited, and click on “Create AAC Version”. After it’s done, you’ll have two versions of the song. The new one should be 30 seconds long.

Step 6: Drag the new version of the song from the iTunes Library onto your desktop. You’ll notice that this is an m4a file.

Step 7:
Change the file from an “m4a” file to an “m4r” file. Windows and Mac do this a little differently.

  • Mac: Simply highlight the file, press enter and rename the “m4a” to “m4r”. When you get the pop-up, choose “Use .m4r”

  • Windows: Open up Windows Explorer, and get into your Folder Options. Under the “View” tab, uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”. You should now be able to rename the file from “m4a” to “m4r”. When you get a pop-up, choose “Yes”.

Step 8: Go back into iTunes, delete the 30 second version of the song we made earlier. We don’t need this anymore.

Step 9: Drag the newly created “mpr” file from your desktop back into iTunes.

We’re done! You should now see the file under the “Ringtones” section of your library. Simply sync it to your iPhone and you’re done! This trick has been out there for a long awhile now, so I doubt Apple will be patching it anytime soon.

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